Given that eviction law and the Courts' rules are constantly in flux, it is critical for the property manager and individual landlord to stay abreast of these changes.  Therefore, Southern Nevada Eviction Services has developed two continuing education classes offered through the Great Las Vegas Association of Realtors to educate you on navigating the choppy waters of evictions.

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Continuing Education
EVICTION 101: A Primer on the Eviction Process

This three hour course covers the basics of eviction law.  It addresses the process for evicting a tenant, chosing the appropriate means for evicting the tenant, pitfalls for various types of evictions and post-eviction issues such as collections and handling abandoned personal property.

This course addresses the growing crisis of tenants residing in property that has been foreclosed or moving toward foreclosure. Issues such as whether the tenant must pay rent during the foreclosure process, evicting the tenant residing in a foreclosed property and potential liability by the previous landlord.  In addition, we will discuss property managers obligations in dealing with tenants and their clients during these times.