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The process for evicting your tenant will differ depending on the reason for the eviction:

For Unpaid Rent: The first step is a Pay or Quit Notice. If the tenant does not vacate by the expiration of the notice, the landlord then files an Affidavit of Complaint for Summary Eviction. The court then issues an Order for Summary Eviction and tenant is evicted.

For Lease Violation: The first step is a Lease Violation Notice. That is then followed up by an Unlawful Detainer Notice. If the tenant has not vacate, the landlord files the Affidavit of Complaint and the tenant is evicted.

For Nuisance: The landlord starts with a Nuisance Notice. That is followed by an Unlawful Detainer Notice which is followed by the Affidavit of Complaint and eviction.

For Thirty Day No Cause: The landlord starts with a Thirty Day Notice followed by an Unlawful Detainer Notice followed by an Affidavit of Complaint and eviction.

Post-Foreclosure: If you have purchased a house at the auction or from an HOA or Bank, you will need to post either a 3 Day Notice or 60 Day Notice depending on the circumstances followed by a civil eviction.

NOTE: The process described above is subject to modification due to legislative, state and federal changes.  Check out our blog for updates.