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The eviction process is a legal proceeding and therefore all of the court's rules and procedures must be followed.  Moreover, the courts and Legislature are constantly changing the laws regarding evictions.  Failure to comply with these rules can result in losing your case. As  one of the few law-owned eviction services, you know that your eviction will be done correctly.
Benefits of Using Southern Nevada Eviction Services
Southern Nevada Eviction Services is an attorney owed/operated business with over sixteen years in the Las Vegas valley.  While there are many options for handling your eviction-related matters, Southern Nevada Eviction Services is a superior service for many reasons:
We can take your order by phone or email.  There is no need to drive downtown to visit the constable's office or stand in long lines at the courthouse. We can handle all aspects of the eviction process without you leaving your home.
Piece of Mind
As we handle posting all of your notices and appearing at court (at your request), you don't need to confront your tenant during this difficult time. 
We realize that you have lots of questions regarding the eviction process. We can provide helpful, friendly answers that you might not easily receive elsewhere.  We are dedicated to answering your questions and providing guidance on the best way to handle your situation.