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  • After a tenant has received the proper notices for an eviction and no answer has been filed by the tenant, a Complaint for Summary Evictions must be filed. After judicial review an Eviction Order may be granted. Instructions are then sent to the proper Constable’s Office.

  • If an answer was timely filed by the tenant, both the landlord and tenant will receive a court date scheduled by the Courts. A hearing will be held to determine the next course of action.


  • For circumstances where a Summary Eviction process cannot be completed, a formal eviction may be necessary. It is typically a longer process than the summary eviction procedure and can be relatively complicated. Unless the landlord is extremely familiar with court procedure; they will need an attorney.


  • Small Claims court is a special division of the Justice Court. Small Claims Court is for lawsuits $10,000 or less. Small Claims judges can only award monetary judgments, the judge cannot order the opposing party to perform any action. Small Claims actions are initiated with a Demand Letter; and although they are relatively simple procedural, they can become long and tedious cases.


  • Special requests made to the Courts requesting action. Different types of special requests may be made upon the Courts tailored to fit every individual case. 


  • If you are unsure which notice you need to post or which eviction process you need to go through, we can assist in scheduling a consult with our expert attorneys. The eviction process can be complicated and stressful. Let our team guide you through the process and rest assured that your matter is in good hands.


  • To ensure your documents are current with the latest versions of the Nevada Revised Statutes SNES provides document review services to leases, agreements, and legal correspondences. 

Southern Nevada Eviction Services prices services on a per service basis. Please be aware that each eviction case is unique and may involve supplementary procedures and charges. Time lines for evictions vary depending on each case and is not responsible for the length of time that it may take to evict a tenant as each case is unique.

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